How To Choose A Professional Web Design Company?

The first thing you will find is that there are thousands of “experts” in web design, all promising the stars, all selling their services to the fullest, some with very high prices and others with gifted prices, but, how to detect those quacks that only Want to make a site for money?

Here are some points to choose the best web design provider according to your budget.

  1. The best cover letter is your own site, do you like your website? Does it look professional? Does your site look good on a tablet? How does your site look on a cell phone?

You will realize that there are many “experts” who do not use responsive design on their website, and if they use it, it has errors. If a professional cannot have a well-made site, what can you expect from your clients’ sites?

  1. Is your website positioned or found via an Adwords ad? There is a big difference if you found them by an Adwords ad that you probably don’t know how to position. Choose companies that appear naturally on the first page of search results. These companies know how to position and can offer you this service without problems.
  2. Visit your portfolio, even if you don’t believe it, there are many companies that lie with their portfolios, many
    say they have done “x” or “y” website, and when you look for it a little, you realize that this site was made by another company, or that the design does not match that of the portfolio, or they have temples to sites that do not exist.

Pay attention, do all the examples in your portfolio use the same structure, that is to say only change images, logos, and text in your designs? If so, do not expect results, since they are only doing sites to do them.

  1. Ask, a professional company must answer all your questions clearly; in the end, they are experts in your field.
  2. After you have selected the companies that have a professional site and that have a real portfolio, ask for references, but ask for references from old customers, that is, do not ask for the reference of the site you just made, most people They will tell you that it was a good experience but because they have a new site they will not be able to give you more references.

On the other hand, with a reference from an old customer, you can tell if your site sells, if it has the support and, most importantly, you will know that it is an experienced and well-established company.

  1. A good company always has projects and does not start working the next day, usually when it goes with a professional company, they are scheduled to start their project if a company offers to start the next day it is because they have no job.