Common Mistakes When Designing A Web Page

These are some of the most common mistakes when designing a website.

Use Of Stiff, Confusing And Unfriendly Text

On many occasions, the main problem when designing a website is the content, and the mistake is that many companies make to think that they can use the PowerPoint presentation of the company on their site.

And they don't start to think that in the presentation someone is talking and the text and images that are used are to support a speech, and this text rarely makes sense on a website.

Currently, on the internet, we can find hundreds of companies in each market competing to appear in the first places in Google's search results, the only way to excel is to have a content that stands out.

A website needs to be built to deliver a clear message, to publicize a service or product, to sell. And this is why the content must be direct, clean, and fresh, making known the benefits of your service/product clearly, you have to convince.

Build a website according to the structure of the company, by departments, and with information that nobody cares about.

When someone arrives on our website, they don't care about the departments our company has, what our mission, vision, and objectives are, but the information, the products or services they can offer, and that has to be the basis of the structure of our website.

It is not the user who must adapt to us, and it is we who have to adapt to what he may need, anticipating his tastes, his needs, and his browsing habits.

The usability is key when the user remains or leaves, and the structure of the website should be designed with that approach, and therefore the advice of a professional is necessary since the natural tendency is to do so by moving the company to the website as is and this is a big mistake.

Allocate space to give news and not change them frequently.

If we have a news area and spend a lot of time without publishing any news, we are giving the impression that nothing happens in our company, that we have nothing new to tell, that we have no results and that we are a company that does not advance — bad signal, very bad.

If we want to give news of our company or our sector, we must plan who will do it, what will it count and how often before including the section in the design, and in case of not being able to award this competence to anyone or not being able to specify Those factors, it is preferable not to include this section on our website.

Request too much information on the forms.

This is one of the most common and ominous mistakes on the web. Many times we enter a website and want to ask something about their products or services to be clear if it is what we are looking for if they provide such a service if they have such a model, and when we enter the contact tab, a form appears that we must fill out.

So far, everything is correct, but the problem arises when we are forced to fill out too much data to send our query. The user does not want to give too much personal information, and we, therefore, should not ask for everything at once.

However, there are many web pages that ask for the name, two surnames, e-mail, company, address, state, and even zip code, in addition, of course, the subject of the query, and in case you do not have all the fields Fillers, does not allow shipping. This is a serious mistake. The easier it is for the visitor to contact us via the contact form, the higher the conversion rate.