Tips for an SEO Optimized law Firm Website

seo guide for lawyers

Nowadays, those who need a lawyer usually search for them via Google. If you land on the first page of Google search with your law firm, your potential clients increase suddenly.

It would be best if you remember that you are not designing your page for the search engine. Anyone visiting them should find useful and up-to-date information. SEO has long been of great importance for lawyers. The search for services, such as legal advice, usually begins with Google.

The search engine optimization (SEO) of a website is essential for every company because the first steps are not only easy to implement; the early successes usually come quickly. It often only becomes more complex and challenging when the basics have been laid, and a basic optimization has been carried out.

The success of good SEO work can be enormous – depending on the starting position of the website. But what are the first steps?

Let’s get started with our research on how law firm’s get improve their seo.

Keyword research

keyword research

The goal of search engine optimization is to make it easier to find the website on Google and Co. If the user enters a particular word in the search mask, the website should be as high as possible. Which keywords are used to list the site well can be influenced and is the core of SEO work.

Here it must be considered which search terms the potential customers (here: clients) are looking for a provider. The keyword or the keyword chain must be simple, on the one hand, for example, “lawyer,” but on the other hand, also unique, such as “lawyer traffic law.” If an overly broad term is chosen, there are many to very many “competitors.” (i.e., websites that also want to be found under this keyword).

It is then unlikely that your website will rank high in the ranking under this search term. A local reference is also of great advantage, especially since Google places increasing emphasis on regional recommendations.

Exact research of relevant keywords is therefore essential and must be carefully considered.

Website optimization

Once you have chosen keywords, the website must be tailored to it. This topic is involved, in case of doubt, you should work with an expert here. It may make sense to create the page from scratch. The effort is enormous, but it is ultimately worth it.

Google “searches” the sites for these keywords. Here you should help Google! Ideally, the keywords should, for example, appear in the URL, in headings and texts. The scattering of the keywords in the content (the content – for example, the product descriptions) is also essential.

However, caution is required here, because mass does not necessarily mean class.

Too many keywords are more of a hindrance.

Pay attention to the availability

When clients are looking for a lawyer, they first want to be provided with the most critical data. Everything else comes later. Hardly anything is more annoying than having to search for the contact details for a long time.

It is best to place them on the homepage right away – especially since Google also values this. Google searches the site for place names and addresses. If Google can already read the word “Berlin” on the website, this affects a high ranking position in search queries. But be careful: Google cannot read the text for graphics – you need to add alt text.

If, for example, the address is shown based on a photo, this is visible to the user, but not to Google. The use of Google Places or Google Maps also makes sense in this context. This data is read out by the search engine and taken into account in the ranking.

Increase popularity

Google would like to present the best and most relevant websites to the searcher whenever possible. To judge which pages are essential and which are not, popularity is assessed based on the sites. Such takes the form of links: the more often your page is linked, the more critical it is in the Google ranking.

Many links from external sites to your website ensure proper positioning for a search engine query. Therefore, it is advisable to be represented in as many rating portals, forums, and business directories as possible because from there, and it is linked to your website.

Structure: create clarity for potential clients

For legal advice, key data such as telephone number, address, and opening hours are the most important. If he has to search for it, he may leave the page: neither Google nor your potential clients like a lack of structure. The main page should already contain all the necessary contact details. You will be summarized again under “Contact.”

A description of the access and parking options is also important. A well-structured site also relieves your specialist employees.

If your clients find all information about opening times, prices, and requirements on the Internet, you no longer have to call. As far as further design is concerned, it would be best to put things in order. Select a logical navigation structure, for example, “law firm”, “legal areas”, “judgments”, “costs” and “contact”.

If you cover several subject areas, each must have its page. Divide a page into sub-pages, such as “termination,” “parental leave,” “warning,” and so on.


If you have taken these points into account at the start, the first important step has been made.

The work of a good SEO naturally looks very different and cannot be replaced with these measures.

Many users select one of the first three offers after a search query. If you are represented here, an enormous increase in contacts can be expected. Search engine optimization is, therefore, irreplaceable and pays off comparatively quickly.