Five Tips To Start Redesigning Your Website

Once, Steve Jobs said: “Design is a word with grace. Some believe it’s about how it looks, but in essence, it’s how it works.”

Design can become complicated, or you may believe that you are not creative enough to carry out your project. And when the design of something as important as a web page has become complicated and has become something you barely recognize, starting over is very demoralizing. That is why we have gathered these five tips, so you do not stress:

Are Your Images Good Enough?

You just have to take a look at the reach and success of Instagram to realize the power of an image. An average of 70 million photographs are shared every day on different social networks, and it is estimated that so far, more than 30 billion have been uploaded to the internet. It is clear that this is not a fad, and allows hotels to take full advantage of the beauty of their surroundings.

Purpose of the Website

This might seem obvious, but this is often overlooked.  What's the main goal of your website?  The client needs to communicate with the designer exactly their expectations. This is helpful, because whenever in doubt as to the direction, you can always go back to the question, "What is the main purpose of this website?", and build the web design towards that goal.

Proper Navigation

Make sure that the site structure of your website makes sense.  Good on-site navigation is when it is easy for the user to find the information they are looking for and to take action on a website, such as making a purchase. You want to work hard as you can, to make the site as simple and easy to navigate and use, as possible. Breadcrumbs can also be useful in helping a user know where they are on your domain, as well as how to get back to where they came from. And remember the "3 click rule".  This is loosely defined as having your site setup so that a user can find any information on your site they are looking for, within 3 clicks. Now, there has been some controversy about if the 3 click rule is accurate with some folks pointing out, correctly, that the 3 click rule is not backed up by data. But, so what? Don't get caught up in the details.  The important idea of the 3 click rule is to make it easy for the user, and to make it so they can find they information they need, with as little effort as possible. If you can execute on that, then you are doing a good job with on-site navigation.

F Pattern Design

So many businesses get this wrong. In the western world, people read from Left to Right and from Top to Bottom.  Don't fight this! This is called the F-Pattern design (read more here: Put your name and logo in the top right of your homepage.  Your logo should be simple and try to make it as obvious as possible.  If you are a plumbing company, have some pipes in your logo. On the right side of your homepage, have your Contact info, usually your phone number. This is so simple, so important, and you'll be shocked how many sites get this wrong. Having your phone number on the left hand side of your page, or in the middle, makes it hard for the visitor to process.  They are naturally going to look for your phone number on the top left side of the screen, so put it there.

Is The Information You Offer Relevant?

It is not common to find detailed information about local activities and increase the amount of time your guest will spend on your website.

If you have run out of inspiration, you can always use the examples of pages designed with Canvas, the intelligent creator of SiteMinder web pages

Use A Design Compatible With Mobile (Or Responsive) Devices?

Responsive design is a very simple concept, and it will make you fall in love! It is a web design approach whose objective is to create an interactive experience of viewing the page, reacting to the device used by the user.

It ensures that the experience is fluid and that the elements of the page can be viewed and used properly. If the user has to zoom to see an element of the web page, then it does not have a responsive design. The needs of your guests are your priority from the moment they arrive at your hotel, and the same happens with their experience on your website.

Allows Direct Reservations

You can create the best website in the world, but if you do not include a section for your guests to make their reservation, it will not help you.

And having this technology is your first step.

Make sure your booking engine integrates with your design and brand, strengthening your guest’s confidence in your page. According to a survey, in 2014, 77% do not feel completely safe when they buy online, so building a website that looks professional and reliable is very important, so you can increase your direct bookings.

Improve Your SEO

Web optimization is the holy grail of web design. SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is what allows your future guests to find you.

You can have a great website, but it’s no use if you don’t appear on Google and other search engines: there are 3.5 billion Google searches per day, something like 40,000 per second. Search engines are essential for your online marketing strategy.

How To Choose A Professional Web Design Company?

The first thing you will find is that there are thousands of “experts” in web design, all promising the stars, all selling their services to the fullest, some with very high prices and others with gifted prices, but, how to detect those quacks that only Want to make a site for money?

Here are some points to choose the best web design provider according to your budget.

  1. The best cover letter is your own site, do you like your website? Does it look professional? Does your site look good on a tablet? How does your site look on a cell phone?
You will realize that there are many “experts” who do not use responsive design on their website, and if they use it, it has errors. If a professional cannot have a well-made site, what can you expect from your clients’ sites?
  1. Is your website positioned or found via an Adwords ad? There is a big difference if you found them by an Adwords ad that you probably don’t know how to position. Choose companies that appear naturally on the first page of search results. These companies know how to position and can offer you this service without problems.
  2. Visit your portfolio, even if you don’t believe it, there are many companies that lie with their portfolios, many say they have done “x” or “y” website, and when you look for it a little, you realize that this site was made by another company, or that the design does not match that of the portfolio, or they have temples to sites that do not exist.

Pay attention, do all the examples in your portfolio use the same structure, that is to say only change images, logos, and text in your designs? If so, do not expect results, since they are only doing sites to do them.

  1. Ask, a professional company must answer all your questions clearly; in the end, they are experts in your field.
  2. After you have selected the companies that have a professional site and that have a real portfolio, ask for references, but ask for references from old customers, that is, do not ask for the reference of the site you just made, most people They will tell you that it was a good experience but because they have a new site they will not be able to give you more references.

On the other hand, with a reference from an old customer, you can tell if your site sells, if it has the support and, most importantly, you will know that it is an experienced and well-established company.

  1. A good company always has projects and does not start working the next day, usually when it goes with a professional company, they are scheduled to start their project if a company offers to start the next day it is because they have no job.

Get To Know Us

Peckish Web Design Studio is the creation of Bob Frankerton, who, after studying fine art, made the transition to graphics, with a strong focus on website design. The studio came about by Bob’s desire to develop his business, to cater for both commercial companies who require a creative edge, and creative individuals, businesses or brands, who want their concept translated into a functioning and robust website. Peckish can offer something for everyone and packages can be put together to reflect all budgets and requirements, taking time to understand your brand, your customers and your requests. Peckish Studio is constantly researching, developing and embracing the ever changing world of websites and design. Working with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and mySQL Databases, with many years experience with photoshop and passion for really good graphic design. We also like to stay in touch with our clients, and will always be on hand to assist or develop further down the line.

Common Mistakes When Designing A Web Page

These are some of the most common mistakes when designing a website.

Use Of Stiff, Confusing And Unfriendly Text

On many occasions, the main problem when designing a website is the content, and the mistake is that many companies make to think that they can use the PowerPoint presentation of the company on their site.

And they don't start to think that in the presentation someone is talking and the text and images that are used are to support a speech, and this text rarely makes sense on a website.

Currently, on the internet, we can find hundreds of companies in each market competing to appear in the first places in Google's search results, the only way to excel is to have a content that stands out.

A website needs to be built to deliver a clear message, to publicize a service or product, to sell. And this is why the content must be direct, clean, and fresh, making known the benefits of your service/product clearly, you have to convince.

Build a website according to the structure of the company, by departments, and with information that nobody cares about.

When someone arrives on our website, they don't care about the departments our company has, what our mission, vision, and objectives are, but the information, the products or services they can offer, and that has to be the basis of the structure of our website.

It is not the user who must adapt to us, and it is we who have to adapt to what he may need, anticipating his tastes, his needs, and his browsing habits.

The usability is key when the user remains or leaves, and the structure of the website should be designed with that approach, and therefore the advice of a professional is necessary since the natural tendency is to do so by moving the company to the website as is and this is a big mistake.

Allocate space to give news and not change them frequently.

If we have a news area and spend a lot of time without publishing any news, we are giving the impression that nothing happens in our company, that we have nothing new to tell, that we have no results and that we are a company that does not advance — bad signal, very bad.

If we want to give news of our company or our sector, we must plan who will do it, what will it count and how often before including the section in the design, and in case of not being able to award this competence to anyone or not being able to specify Those factors, it is preferable not to include this section on our website.

Request too much information on the forms.

This is one of the most common and ominous mistakes on the web. Many times we enter a website and want to ask something about their products or services to be clear if it is what we are looking for if they provide such a service if they have such a model, and when we enter the contact tab, a form appears that we must fill out.

So far, everything is correct, but the problem arises when we are forced to fill out too much data to send our query. The user does not want to give too much personal information, and we, therefore, should not ask for everything at once.

However, there are many web pages that ask for the name, two surnames, e-mail, company, address, state, and even zip code, in addition, of course, the subject of the query, and in case you do not have all the fields Fillers, does not allow shipping. This is a serious mistake. The easier it is for the visitor to contact us via the contact form, the higher the conversion rate.